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Our History

Owners Jeff Hudson & Troy Lephart

Pinnacle Systems was established in 2001. The owners Jeff & Troy have been in A/V systems since the early 1980's. When they started in the Audio/Video industry they worked together at "Top in Sound" based in Anderson, Indiana.  Early in their career, they traveled the United States integrating 70 to 80 churches per year, along with school gym and auditorium sound systems. 

In the early 1990's both Jeff & Troy moved to Chicago, Illinois and worked for Bob Ancha Owner of Ancha Electronics, which is now AVI/SPL.  To this day Pinnacle systems have been blessed to work along side the top 3 largest AV intergrators in the US, providing subcontract labor. 

Finally, The journey back home! In the mid to late 1990's Jeff & Troy returned  to their home town and began working with Electrical Systems Company in Indianapolis, Indiana.   Jeff went on to work on the new Conseco Field house built for the Indiana Pacers Basket ball team.  While Troy was given an assignment working at Indiana University Auditorium in Bloomington Indiana.  Then in 2001 they decided to chase their dream.  They met at a Burger King in Zionsville, Indiana and talked about starting their own company.   

As stated from Jeff: " We prayed about it for the next couple of weeks.  I kept waiting for God to open a door and it never happened, until one day my daughter said to me, Dad- "Dont be a What-ifer". I have always preached to my kids about what-if I would have went to prom, or tried out for band, the basketball team and so on. I had all of the confirmation I needed that day. Remember to always chase your dreams and do not wait on God to open doors because they will never open. Go through them and he will shut them for you." 

To date Pinnacle Systems has been blessed to be in business for 21 years. During those years we have been able to provide subcontract labor for the Top 3 A/V Integrator's in the country :  AVI/SPL, Whitlock Systems, AVI systems.  Beginning January 2018, Pinnacle Systems has officially began Sales, Engineering, design and Integration of all Audio, Video, Stage lighting and Security systems. In  2013 Troy and Jeff was fortunate enough buy the old Top In Sound Building where it all started for them.  

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